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I've tried it with Holly, i was her regular for almost a year and from the very beginning of our ''journey'' kind of anal play was included. Sticking a finger or two up her bum while CG was a usual thing to do with her and on the 3rd or 4th meeting she asked me if i was ok to do anal, which i was. She obviously was prepared for it as there wasn't a struggle to penetrate at all. She prefers mish with clit massage and cums easily in that pose.


Call this one, she likes it more than classic shag...

Thanks for the suggestion but i'll pass this one. Her place in pics looks dodgy and doesn't have so good reviews on ukpunting.


This one enjoyed it a lot, throughout the session was rubbing her clit and squirting on my member while i was pounding her. She takes  it without any hesitation and isn’t struggling to put it in which means it’s frequent down there. 


140 for a session like that really isn’t too much.

Does she still look like in the pics? ? Appealing figure! Is anal on offer for extra money and how much? 

Does anyone know an escort willing for A+ services around Bristol?


Better known as Scottish Sacha. An ultimate nympho enjoys anal even more than normal intercourse. The only problem is she's pretty much hit and miss lately, if you catch her being in the mood for shagging, you get a jackpot. If not - she's a hard one to deal with. In my opinion, she's worth a try.


Scarlett is a girl for it. Has a great laid back personality which will calm you down and help you to get hard, especially if you're not familiar with anal services. She's horny as fuck and always up for a shag, no matter of what hole it is, she can take it like a trooper.

Thanks @beardy, she's a doll. Hopefully she'll let me try her back door at the first meeting....

Any suggestions for a Norwich anal enthusiast?

Ava makes her way to Norwich quite frequently. Follow her profile and keep updated, you don't want to miss this escort. She's turning heads, so sensually attractive, young. 


Loves taking it up her bum, but first she'll have to make a decision if she's up for it or not, based on the size of your dick. Also charges extra for it.

Man if she's hot as per photos i would pay her my whole salary to try that bum out. I mean, the girl is clearly playboy material!


A stunning girl, down to anything, especially for an anal services. Never met a woman that enjoys it so truly as her. Cute face, lovely curvy body and best natural tits i've seen in my life. 


I think there are not many girls who offer a full package for 180 quid.


Any suggestions for a Norwich anal enthusiast?


She's a rom but provides good services which you can see on her ukpunting score, only green reviews. 

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