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I am a young looking 60 Yr old Man, considered good looking. Any ladies in the Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire areas or not too far wanting to be worked on by an experienced gentleman. There will be no hassle, no wanting committement or any silliness whatsoever. I am genuine and sincere and just want some adult fun... I will please you ladies as best as I can. A few glasses of Wine first though  👍👍😁😁 07583904424

60yrs old? Do you still pound hard? I know someone who is 62yrs old but still kicking in bed,lol.

Hi Mandy 

Yes I pound hard and have a thick cock. I take a long time to cum so a lady is guaranteed several orgasms, by finger, tongue or cock. And I don't rush. I always try to make the lady satisfied before I am x

If you fancied a Girl with us as well Mandy that would be brilliant x  where abouts are you x

60 yrs old? That's too old for me. I don't think they can do hot sex.

You never know until you try experience 

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