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Wondering what the best nights anyone has spent in a hotel with an escort are.

I'm a busy guy who travels a lot for work and I don't get to spend much time with women so when I do have time on the road I generally check out the top escort sites and book elaborate nights with ladies that are the hottest I can find. Money I definitely have but time isn't something that I have a lot of. When I was last in London I booked a beautiful escort and I was staying at one of the best hotels in town so I made a point of making it an incredible experience for both of us. I had a great room, I ordered whatever we both wanted from the room service menu. Even got us in room massages. I gave us both an amazing time, and she was more than happy to oblige in many ways that made it very much worth my while to go the extra mile that I did. It was an incredibly hot experience and for me, I love having these experiences when I travel. I can enjoy incredibly beautiful women and all of the amazing services that they have to offer, while making sure that I show us both a great time. It lets me keep my professional, personal, and home lives completely separate. I'm married and happily so but I travel for work a lot so I have to make sure that I'm getting my fun as well. The royal treatment at any hotel is always a great thing to experience, but having a beautiful woman to share it with is even better. Escorts are the best because the service is totally professional, we're being safe, and I can enjoy my fun and go about the rest of my life as though it never happened. It's the perfect situation. Great success is definitely not without its benefits when you play your cards right.

I've had a client take me on a very luxurious weekend getaway to another country where we stayed in the best hotels and enjoyed the best of absolutely everything. He bought me gifts, spoiled me all weekend and I definitely had the best experience possible. We ate at all the best restaurants, he took me shopping, we enjoyed the best rooms in the hotels we stayed at. It was a lot of fun and when he comes back to the UK, he reaches out to me to do it all over again. I make sure that I make it very much worth his while.

Can I just give you the name of the escort and check out my feedback in her profile? It's quite long and typing it again is quite tiring for me hahhah 😅


Can I just give you the name of the escort and check out my feedback in her profile? It's quite long and typing it again is quite tiring for me hahhah 😅

Yes sure, I am okay with that. Drop the escort's name here 😊

Mine is not in a hotek but in the escort's flat 😋

Anyone who wants to spent in the hotel with me and make it a best night for both of us? 

I have never tried hotel bookings, I always ask the escort girl to come at my apartment.

My best ones are spent in my apartment. I like booking outcalls so the escort will do all the travel and I'll just wait for her. 

I've never tried hotel reservations

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