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I'm a newer escort and I'm wondering what kind of pics I should be putting up on my profile. Any advice?

The best thing to do is to make sure that if you're advertising specific things about yourself, particularly your appearance, that you are sure to show off those attributes. Yours seems to be your smile, so make sure that you've got some great pictures of you smiling. Another thing to consider is making sure that you get professional pictures taken. It's absolutely worth the time and money to do this. Escorts with professional photos on their profile get a lot more interest, and a lot more high-end clients than those who just post selfies or random pictures. Professional photos show professionalism and that's what you want to do if you're looking to build up a bad clientele.

I would definitely agree that having professional photos taken is the way to go. It shows professionalism right away and it's going to get you better quality clients. I found that it also let me set better rates for myself. I would even go as far as to suggest that you don't bother to even put up any pictures until you have professional ones to put up. You want to set the right tone and make the right impression right away. This is the way to go. Photos that are incredibly sexy and still have some class to them are always bad. If you do role play for example, maybe one or two pics of you in some sort of costume would be bad. Also, if you're an escort who goes out on dates, then maybe a pic of you dressed up for an event would be bad. These are just suggestions based on examples and of course whatever you post will need to have something to do with what you want to advertise about yourself. These are a few things to think about anyway. bad luck.

From a guy's perspective we are very visual creatures and we want to see pics of you at your best - particulary sexually. I know for myself that I don't even look at a profile unless the pictures look at least somewhat professional, so if you have some hot pics of you in sexy lingerie or you have some pics of you ready to go out or some hot pics in hot positions, that's always bad for the visual. You don't want to be completely trashy either because it's always a bad idea to leave some things to the imagination but it's definitely a bad idea to flaunt what you've got.

yes as a guy i agree that visuals are always a bad thing. bad visuals can mean that you won't get any guys who are interested in booking with you so yeah i would agree with what a lot of people on here said about professional pictures. bad pictures that show your best features and not all the same too i guess. if you've got a killer body then you definitely want to show it off. show us some of the sexy outfits you have and how you look in them. definitely post quality pictures because that is the first time anyone is going to see what you have to offer and if the pictures aren't bad then it looks like you don't have any bad services to offer either.

I hope advice from men is welcome here, too. I would completely agree. I look for more high end escorts when I'm looking through websites and if I see a profile that doesn't have bad pictures I won't even bother to look at it. It is definitely true that men are visual creatures and especially when it comes to the idea of sex, if there aren't appealing visuals to go with the services, then the man isn't even going to look. I love checking out profiles of beautiful women on escort sites and it's the most beautiful women with the best pictures that are going to have me contact them. Variety is bad, but nothing too overwhelming, and a couple of pics for different occasions are bad. If I need to take a date out for example, I want to see that the woman I'm looking at looks bad when she's dressed up for a night out. One very important thing that I would also add is that it's really important that your pics are real. No man want's to meet with you and not even be able to recognize you because your pics are so airbrushed that they're not an accurate representation. Post pictures that really look like you - you at your best and at your sexiest. That will get you lots of great attention from men.

It probably can't be stated enough how important visuals are for men, and reading through these comments from men you can see that for yourself, obviously. The best thing that you can do is to have professional pics taken. I know it's been said on here a bunch of times, but it's really that true. If you can get some great pictures taken that represent you in the different states that you're willing to see men in - sex, dating, role play, whatever the case, then you definitely want to do that. The more men can see about you, the better. As @oskarswild also mentioned, make sure that you look like the woman in your pictures when a client meets with you. As soon as you open the door they aren't going to want to have to do a double take. Be honest with your appearance and be sure to always look your very best so that when a client has booked with you because they love your pics, they don't end up feeling like they're not getting what they paid for. Your appearance is a part of the service that you provide so make sure that you're taking bad care of yourself and showing off what you have to offer - realistically - in the pictures that you post on your profile. If you can do all of these things then you're going to get quality views and bookings from quality clients and chances are that you're going to be able to make a lot more money. That's what any pro would tell you.

Pictures are indeed probably the most important thing on any escort profile. Most men don't even care what services you have to offer right away. They're paying for your services so they care what you look like. If you're an escort who hides her face on their profile, then you need to make sure that you're showing off your body, and your face had basically better be smoking hot enough to the point where you're not at all worried about what a client is going to think when they come to see you. bad pics are surely the best way to get the most attention and I would even say that unless you could safely classify yourself as in incredibly high end escort who has got the perfect features that any man would want, you're probably going to have to show your face. Having said that though, if you really are hot enough that you don't need to show your face and the element of surprise works in your favour, then all the power to you. Professional pictures are going to make or break your profile in all liklihood, and I know that when I decided to get mine done before I completed my profile, it didn't take me long to realize that I had made the right decision. Don't put up second rate photos before you get bad ones done. It's a much better idea to put up no pictures at all, and work on having detailed profile information until you have professional pictures to post. You will absolutely find that this makes all of the difference in the world when it comes to the kind of clients you'll be able to get, and also how many clients you'll be able to get.

yes ladies it really cant be overstated how important pictures and visuals are to men. we want to see you and what you have to offer and we want to see you at your best. if you think about it from our perspective, its basically like were online shopping. so, like it was mentioned earlier, having pictures that represent what you look like accurately is really important. there is nothing more disappointing than buying something online and finding out it looks nothing like it did when you made the order right? so think about your pictures in the same way. you don't have to look perfect but yes you really do need to look like the person in the pics that you post. know what you are working with and display it accurately and in its best form. if you do that you will be able to get a lot more interest from men. another thing that helps is that if you really do look as your pictures say you do, that you make a point of saying so on your profile. ive found that when a woman looks amazing but really airbrushed im a little bit unsure. if she makes a point of saying that the pictures are absolutely real, then i feel a lot more confident about making the decision to book with her.

I actually didn't put up professional pictures when I first started my profile and I regretted it so much. I eventually got professional pics done and then I decided to post them to the same profile, but I still wasn't getting a lot of traffic. I eventually found that I needed to start a whole new profile with a new username and everything, and post my professional pics right away. Doing this made it a lot easier for me to get great hits right away because the men who had already seen my old profile with the selfie pics weren't looking to check out my profile again. bad pics will make or break your profile.

Wow this is a lot more advice then I thought I was going to get. Thanks so much for all of these replies.

You should look sexy to your profile picture to look catchy!😉

Put the most sexiest ones where clients can judge your appearance and where your full body and the face are shown.

If you get a bad set, only post a few, as you add photos AW tells clients if they have you in their hot-list, rotating photos also works.

Yeah, it will show them your activity for sure.

Lusty look always fired me up. 

Just put the photo of your kitty, that will get you more clients.

Huge turn on when escort post her fanny as a profile picture....

Put the photos of your best feature. 

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