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I was with a girl this week and she told me that she had recently been tested for something but it is all cleared up and we used a condom and everything but like what happens if they give me an std, is that even a thing? Don;t get me wrong, I really apprecaite her telling me. I like that she did what she was suposed to do and got it all dealt with but like... I do not want to get anything and now I am super paranoid. What should I do about this whole thing? What are your opinions about this?

Yeah sometimes it happens within that line of work. They do have to get checked out and they can't go back to work unless it is cleared up and they have the ok from the doctor. Plus they will always use a condom to make sure that it does not spread, if for some reason were to come back. You have nothing to be worried about. You are good man. All good. In the clear. Live your dream brother.

Honestly I have been with tons of escorts and strippers and what ever and have never gotten an std at all before. Like sometimes it is just luck of the draw if you get something from them. But also you know the risks involved with hooking up with a sex worker. This is just part of that territory. But if you do not rollthe dice every once in a while, are you really living? Seriously. Are you?

Yeah I am with that guy. If you get one you get one. You were the one who wanted to pay for sex. Like this might happen. You be an adult and you deal with it. Majority of them are curable. you will be fine. I am not trying to be light about things but like do not worry about something that you do not have 100% of the control of. Just live and be safe and hope for the best.

Lol, being paranoid will do no good on you, just go get a test if that bothers you so much. The doctor can often tell with a simple lab test if you have been infected. And as for what happens if you have an STD, it depends, if its bacterial STD's then it acn be cured but if its Viral STD's sadly there is no cure for it. 

Its normal to be paranoid especially if its about your health. You better get yourself tested because even using protection worst can still happen. And maybe next time, you should check the person you go with.

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