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I was just wondering if it's fairly common for people to be a little inaccurate when it comes to telling a client their age As I'm blatantly honest, I lie a little.

Because I am genuinely mistaken for being younger than I am, so when a client asks my age I tell him the typical age I am mistaken for. However, like a nosey cow, I have noticed that girls my age seem to have more hits & ratings than girls younger, & this now makes me wonder if lying is really worth it.

How old are you then? I prefer mature women aged forty plus.

yup! in my opinion most men would want to have matured one.

It would be better to tell them the truth or maybe close to your real age

I guess its the looks they see in younger women and experience to mature ones.

I think the age doesn't matter, there are just more older guys who are booking and they are looking for more mature escorts. The young ones are still to join us :D

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