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So this is kind of embarassing to bring up but maybe something is wrong. I feel like I have messaged a few girls on here and it is been days and I have not heard anything? Am I being ignored or is like the system not working right? I may just be a paranoid idiot who thinks their messages are being ignored because I am like too ugly or something. I just want to meet up with some hot girls.

I think they might just be busy at the moment, we are coming up on the holidays. I think I had to wait like upwards of a week to hear from them and then book in for weeks later. It is probably just busy for them. Give it time, you got nothing to worry about. Always remember, the best (and hottest) women are totally worth the wait.

I agree. Like do not think you are not like appealing or something. They will message you back. do not worry man. They will get back to you soon enough.

If you have not heard from them in a week I would just follow up. Things get lost in the shovel of day to day life. There is nothing wrong with this site when it comes to something like that. it is probably just some sort of weird internet error.

Yeah I do not think that the site is broken or like not connected properly. I think you just need to wait a bit longer. It'll be fine. I aman escort and I can say that tonight is one of my few nights off between now and new years. it is a busy time of year. You will get in though, you just may have to book in advance. That is the fun part about getting closer to the holidays, everyone wants compansionship, which I totally get, but there are only so many women to go around. You gotta plan a head for your favorite lady.

I think they don't accept customers for now. due to this pandemic.

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