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Sabrina is a blond, slim Hungarian Escort in the Bayswater & Queensway area in London 

A self proclaimed Anal Queen/ Oral Queen. 

She is definitely attractive but not 25 as she claims.

If I had to guess I would say she is between 35 to 45 but on the younger looking side if I have to be honest.


I went to her apartment and shes said she can no longer do anal like she confirmed in the text message. 

Then she said she cannot do 1 hour, only half an hour. 

She looked tired in the face so I decided to turn it down, I respectfully said bye and left the building. 


Then I contacted another escort named Sandra who was in the same area.

  • She was happy to do anal 

  • She made conversation 

  • She had different pictures and a different phone number


So IMO there was no way these two are the same people.


...As you've guessed, they are the same people. 

Sabrina stole pictures from instagram model lily.adrianne to create her second account. 


So eventually after Sandra asked me to come up to her room on the 3rd floor, I realized it was the same room as Sabrina's. I decided to let her know I'm the same guy and because she was previously rambling on about how tired she was from traveling from her mother's place in kent I thought (ok so the reason she didn't want to do it first time was because she was tired from traveling). First time she saw me she looked through the peephole before letting me in so it can't be a problem, right.




Turns out she's a racist. 


After she asked me up a 2nd time she opened the door with the chain latched and said "No" and closed it. 

Then after she texted me "No black guys sorry" . What a waste of time.


Just to clarify she didn't put this on any of her profiles online. Because she is obviously ashamed and embarassed hence why she still offered me sex to start with.


Now this is confusing because I already steped foot in her apartment and she offered me sex just not anal.

But she wasn't really tired, she was just disgusted with my blackness or whatever, it's really hard to tell.


Racism in that industry is very common so that wasn't the big deal. What made me write this post was that after I expressed my annoyance of

1. Not telling me first that she is not into black men (still offering me sex to my face)

2. Pretending to be someone else with stolen pictures

3. Waiting to come to her door a 2nd time to tell me no


She replies with "If someone says I'm sex no: it's a NO"

Ignore the terrible English, she is really trying to say "no means no"


This is a bizarre reply that would only make sense if someone was pressuring, pestering or asking after being told no the first time, I did none of those things. It's 2022 and I'm very much intune with the world.


I think these nasty kinds of attitudes lead to all sorts of lies and accusations being told which is why I felt the need to express this. 


On Top of that 

In her chit-chatty conversation as "Sandra" (she assumed I was a white guy) she told me that she needed to have a shower. 


Which means when I first saw her she didn't take a shower. 


This was at Inverness Terrace


I ended up going to Paddington Station to meet "Siena" a 22 year old student who is a total sweetheart who is not self absorbed and will treat you like a human despite who you are.

I think I'm done with the escort thing, 2 out of 3 of my experiences are bad or traumatic, it shouldn't be this way.

Nope, you're just unlucky to have booked and meet these bad girls but not all escorts are like this. Give it a chance love and you'll be surprise that there's a ;ot of "Siena" out there....

Lol, why do girls lie about their age? I really cannot understand though yes, there are men who prefers younger girls but there are also men who likes mature ones. For you love @jack_rabbit just make sure to book verified girl next time. 

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