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Beth, she's a bit plumpy, but when it comes to real action there is no girl like her. I'll just say she was bouncing on my member for 20 minutes doing a cowgirl, i mean her lust is out of this world.


If you want to do some research by yourself here is their selection:


Which escort from Cheshire companions located in Liverpool would you recommend me to punt? I prefer younger ones, dark haired with gifted tits. 

Here is their selection, browse through and choose one, every escort there has quality in her own way and they're not a hit and miss type of agency, don't worry about that.

It's been a while since my last punt with this agency, any new escort worth a visit there?


According to clients' feedback Lydia is the most popular girl at the moment. She has numerous positive reviews on all the top shelf uk escort scene websites.


I tapped Chloe from Cheshire Companions. She's a BBW type so if you're into appearance, don't go with her. 


Her best feature is passion, it seemed like she hadn't sex in a while. Also regarding her personal characteristics i find her pleasant and down to earth, she was easy to speak to.


This lassie really caught my eye, have any of the Manchester guys on here tapped her before? 

Is she the same girl as Libby from Roses Retreat?

I had a great time with Ruby a few weeks ago. She's a laid back redhead lady, well experienced and with some kind of seductive aura. The latest thing means that i got boner instantly as she stepped in my place. She's receptive when it comes to receiving oral, also gave me a very nice head before we continued with a mish...

How would you rate her appearance? Is she like in the photos? 

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