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Hi all, i decided to try with Brazilian escort and i don't know any, nor their reputation etc etc. If you lads have been with or know reliable ones please recommend me, cheers.

Sophia is a Brazilian escort to try. One of the most attractive bodies i've ever seen. She's enthusiastic, pleasant, easy going which means good time is guaranteed.

Ribena was my best Brazilian punt so far. Comms went promptly and flawless via Diva agency. 


She's slim and tall with a smooth skin and rounded and worked out bum. Down to earth and a keen escort, i've seen her a couple of times and haven't encountered any difficulties or unpleasant situations with her. 


The costs were 300 pounds for an hour, never charged me extras.

This one is praised on the uk punting. Haven't been with her yet, but i think i'll punt her soon, such a cutie she is.

Why did she delete her adultwork profile? Looking at her reviews on ukpunting i noticed Larissa Beautie is doing tours quite often. I was interested in punting her but now after she deleted adultwork, i'll think twice before doing it.

Ellen Party, charges eye watering 300/hr. but provides exquisite fantasy and bdsm services. She's hot as hell and if you decide to punt her for some GFE it's totally ok but i think there are better (speaking of price) options in London.

Has anyone tried this lassie out?

Yeah she has adultwork profile too where the rates are 50% off. She's a cute and pleasant person, but i didn't find her services so good because she's restrictive. Didn't provide OWO, nor let me touch her pussy so it was a pretty limited session. 


Don't make mistake and punt her via Diva or other agencies cause her rates are a way more affordable on adultwork.


Here is her adultwork ID: 6720118

So 130/hr. suddenly raise to 250/hr. just because you punt her through agency, what a robbery! 

Attractive firm body seems like she spends a lot of time in the gim, pleasant and talkative which means she speaks good english. Enjoyed every second of the meeting…


Rate is 180 for an hour, def worth the money.

She's got a lot of positive and negative reviews on uk punting. The number of 51 positive reviews is really impressive. As for negative, they're mainly due to time wasting and few for obvious identity theft...

The thing is, if you come across her at the right time, you're going to have a shag of your life.The problem with brazilian escorts is they're inconsistent, with their mood swings you never know what service you'll get...


Sophia is a Brazilian escort to try. One of the most attractive bodies i've ever seen. She's enthusiastic, pleasant, easy going which means good time is guaranteed.

Is she back? I know she was off since last summer, prob moved back to Brazil. Bro don't give me false hope i would give my everything just to taste her again. 

She's active on her adultwork profile, and located right now in Wales, so i think she's back but touring around. 

Any intel about this escort? She's apparently an escort near me and i generally admire Brazilian escorts so I would like to know if she's reliable...

Yeah, she's real. The pictures are accurate, she's hot with big juicy bum and belly. A slightly overweight i would say, but nothing drastically. As for service quality, provides extremely good OWO and squirts A LOT, i've never seen such a squirter. She definitely has the knack...

I saw this escort a few weeks ago. Everything was perfect until she took her panties off, a fishy smell totally turned me off. I succeeded to finish eventually, but for that money i expect an immaculate session.

Bummer, heard some good stories about her and was up to call her, now i'll wait for the next review...

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