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I was about to eat my regular but noticed a lots of those after shaving spots that usually appear on irritated skin. I skipped oral and proceeded with a mish as i didn't want to risk it because i was pretty sure there were some blood traces around those spots. What do you think, is it safe to give an oral to that skin condition?

Good for you. I would do the same. It sounds like she's done it in a rush, probably because of a tight schedule that day and having (even protected) intercourse with many clients means higher risk of STD, so good for you.

It's common for razor shavings, she just had to clean it better, good choice to skip the oral. She should go to brazilian depilation or laser hair removal. 

Hate when it happens, disgusting thing, that girl should take care way more when shave genital area, especially because she's an escort and meets a lot of people, that thing will puts them off for sure. 

Laser hair removal would be the best option for escorts, it can stop hair growing for several years. Blazer irritates the skin too much and sometimes it looks so revolting.

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