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I think it would be a great idea to start a topic about the best London escorts you've been with and put them all in one topic so it could be easier for others to find and contact them. 


The best escort i've tapped is Deluxe Tanya, a gym bunny blonde mature who provides extraordinary services. She's laid back and slutty, it got me going easily. And the best thing is that she's so affordable, 130 for an hour and e.g. she does swallow for 20 quid extra.

No brainer conclusion for me. It's Nicole Thai without any doubt. Young, gorgeous, eager, dirty at times. The girl has it all. 10 out of 10.

I saw this lady in June this Year. It was a top class session. She got me going from the very beginning. Amazing body, facially attractive and dirty minded. Cherry on the top are the bargain rates. I strongly recommend her for those who are looking for London Brazilian escorts.

Looking hot, as for age, what do you think, how old is she? As for services, you could expand your report a bit, was OWO, A plus services on offer? How much did it cost at the end?

She's in late 20's i would say. OWO was decent, she took the whole length and was willing to do it, technique varied from sloppy to some hard thrusting. As for anal she seemed very experienced and keen to do it since she didn't even use any lube and didn't make any wince and grimace, real anal hoe i would say.


The cost was 100 for HH and 50 extra for anal. 

The best i've hit...

Looks cute, what was on the menu? For 180/hr she needs to be a proper goer.

Pretty much every service from her profile. She did OWO with CIM and it was magnificent.


Kylie is expensive as hell and she's worth it, I'd rather spend 100 more for her than see others who are hit and miss... With this one you know what you're on.


She's not from London but does a lot of tours to the city and the meeting happened in London so...


Great personality, gives all atention to you, looks and fucks incredible...



Kylie is expensive as hell and she's worth it, I'd rather spend 100 more for her than see others who are hit and miss... With this one you know what you're on. 

Where is she based mate? In what area? 

She was at Edgware Rd at the time. Don't know where she is, or if she moved to another location.

Has anyone of you punted this beauty?

I bumped into her positive review on ukpunting about a month ago, as far as i can recall she's new to business and the guy was blown away by her looks and service...

The best i've dip my tongue in...

In my honest opinion, Ivanaa is the best escort i've ever met, and i doubt i'll encounter a better escort until the end of my punting career. Appearance, conduct, passion, she's got it all.


Has anyone of you punted this beauty?

I'm not sure about this one, she doesn't have a good review score on ukpunting, just 2 positive with 2 negative and 1 neutral. She does look amazing but obviously has some other problems as well.


I actually have never seen Sophia, but i was browsing through the escort rankings and her profile popped up and now i can’t take my eyes off her. She looks incredibly cute, have any of you lads seen her recently? 

I wouldn't go for it if i were you. Yes she's super hot, but unfortunately every London punter has discovered that and now she's over scheduled and washed out. Right now she's maybe No. 1 escort given the number of reviews, but also the reviews are hit and miss, and negative ones are mostly because of her lacklustre conduct…


Evidently she’s there to take the money and not to make us happy.

I saw that too, she literally has 10 reviews in the last 10 days on ukpunting.

Vicky is my favourite and i'll tell you why. First of all she's so down to earth and approachable person that makes me feel at ease when i'm with her, secondly i find her attractive absolutely love her body line and amazing tits (even though those being bolt-ons), and to top it off with her no restriction policy as she offers a whole package (with A-plus services). Those are the reasons I've been seeing her for quite some time now.


The girl is just cut out for this business, likes to fuck, especially with strangers - end of the story. She's into escorting for a good 10 years and hasn't failed to satisfy any of her clients so far. She's a miracle.

I've just visited her ukpunting profile - wow! She's busy as a bee and yet there's no a single bad review! 

How could we forget about her, she's a bomb. 


The best i've dip my tongue in...

Can you give us some more intel please? She's more than hottie.


Nicole was extremely good at the time when she was working in Croydon and in the first couple of months in the Canary wharf. Unfortunately she couldn't keep up the level of services for a long time, a lot of not so great reviews recently... 😕

Black mamba, one of the best right now...

Back in the day cuteamythai. Anal lover and took an absolute pounding from a younger me.  This was back in 2016. Also Kate thai.  Them where the days I used to bareback when I could and them girls would do it happily.  

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