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Hi lads, has any of you purchased sex toys on internet? I came across Ann Summers website, has anyone had an opportunity to buy anything from there? I'm curious about the quality of their products. Im kind of shy to go directly to the sex shop so i’d rather buy it online.

What are you after? Anal plugs, wands, dildos, fuck machines? 

Dildos and anal plugs. Would like to buy it from them as they're a domestic British company, so according to that most reliable. Just looking for some intel about the quality and delivery process, i don't want delivery boys to know what i'm into and laugh in my face.

Too shy to go directly to the sex shop and don't want the delivery bloke to laugh in his face, i don't know mate, then make your own dildos and anal plugs. Cucumber is not expensive...

Don't be so harsh to him, he asked politely, if you don't like it just don't comment and avoid this topic. @9inchdeep, i suggest the expensive ones, don't save money on sex toys since it concerns your health. Cheap ones might be made of cancerogenous or unsuitable material that could do harm to your skin. Beware of that. 

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