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Hi im candy u looking for a escort for hire im available for payed fun

What are some of the services that you're willing to give to your potential clients? 

You should look her up @wadepoole. She's really quiet about revealing much of herself and I hope she is a wild one.

Can you tell us where you're located and if you're willing to travel for a client? Might know a couple of friends who might be interested to book you.

I was hoping you elaborate on what fun is or what kind of fun you do with your clients. Maybe some of us might get interested.

I'm down for it since I really wanna experience having sex with same gender. 

Hello Candy, it would help if you include some of your services or a website where we can find you :)

Do you accept female customers? Please include other information so that we will know more. :)

Hi Candy, are you up for threesome? 

Hello there Candy ;) Are you into BDSM? I want to have some fun with you. 

So, what are the services you offer? 

If you are looking a hot chicks message me I am good at erotic role play.


Hi candy do you offer anal sex?

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