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Hi im Megan im one of the best girls in town and looking for payed fun with guys

I'm a girl as well and I just want to know what kind of guy you're looking for?

So funfun, what made you feel that you are one of the girls in town? I was hoping you can give us more specific details on what you do so you can be recognized here.

Why are you so interesed john5? Are you thinking of booking her if she happens to be your type?

@funfun do you have any proof that you are a really fun gal to be with? Also have you been booked by a woman before?

@felicity87 So you're a woman looking to hookup with a female escort, Am I right? You might be into the lesbian thing but you need to know if she wants to do it with the same gender.

I hope this girl Megan is experienced enough. I am not convinced when you said best girl in town cos I want to know what made you the best girl in town.

If you want to found out @robz, You have to book her and see for yourself if she is really the best girl in town.

I think you need to look for Megan guys, maybe she is the best escort out there and see for yourself.

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@robz I agree with you, there are lots of girls who claims that they're the best girl in town, lol. 

Well, the only thing to do in order to prove she's the best in town is to book her, lol. 

Hi Megan, are you really that skilled and experienced to sarisfy a man's need and surpass our expectations? 

With guys? so does that mean you your service is not available for same sex? Megan, we would really appreciate it if you include the services that you offer. 

@lustybetsy Right! I am actually having a high expectation here. Claiming your one of the best girls in town is a huge deal.

Hi @scarjo, how about you? Are you looking for someone?

I am looking for a hot mature escort here. they said that they are not boring to be with.


I am looking for a hot mature escort here. they said that they are not boring to be with.

I am not mature escort but I can you give a mind blowing sex.

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