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Every time I book an escort online the page keeps giving me an error but when I tried to do the same from my phone it allowed me to proceed to the payment stage. I don't understand what's causing this issue and I think it can only be a technical problem because it is working perfectly fine on my phone. Maybe it could be because I have my location turned on in my phone and it detects my presence and my validity? 

Maybe those websites are restricted on your phone or the internet connection you're using. How about you use a hotspot VPN service for it? You can easily download one and install. Once done, just activate it and you’re bad to go, any of these websites would be functioning well.

Check your cookies? Maybe someone deleted the cookies that were saved on your laptop. If not then simple use a VPN remedy. Works wonders for all restricted websites.

Your internet provider might have blocked such sites. Since there are no technical errors possibility is it’s a blocked site for sure. 

Why don’t you get your laptop checked at some computer shop, maybe it has some error which you are unable to predict and understand. Just saying!

Have you checked your internet connection on your browser? Maybe it has some default settings or maybe your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi device and laptop to a LAN. Check your connection thoroughly.

Have you tried to log onto any other online escort website? Just to check that if its giving an error only on this particular website or on each and every one.

Okay so most probably the site is banned on your laptop browser!

I've heard government authorities have shut down those sites. Maybe use a VPN like Hot Spot Shield to access the site and register.

I was facing the same problem still don’t have a solution, I had to go visit a proper software shop where they fixed my problem, but I had this problem in viewing all websites almost, I am guessing you have just with this one?

Can you please check if these websites are legal in your region, there is a high possibility that due to some illegal terms they might have not been appearing on your web page but on your cell phone?

If nothing else works you can always reboot your computer or laptop and try to start fresh. Otherwise, google a few more hot spots just like ZenMate which can be installed on google, it will change your location IP and you will be able to access all sorts of websites that you want to. Install its toolbar, it’s pretty easily available on the internet and free of cost too.

I think it's because of the website. I already encounter this before.

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