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Ever tried being a sex tourist? Only heard about this from acquiantances..

I heard a lot about this but I never tried one. And I don't think I will try.

Sex Tourism? I heard this one but I don't really put much attention to this. I am curious to this, so I might try this one.

I've tried being a sex tourist once and I think I will not try it again. It was fun at first but I'm just not yet comfortable to try it again. I just did it for experience. 

I was a sex tourist for a year now until this pandemic happen. I enjoyed it, a lot. Going into places and enjoying sex.

I am interested on being a sex tourist but I really think its also dangerous. So I am doubting to try.

I wouldn't travel across the world just for sex. I can easily find people who offers great sex in my area so I don't see the need of doing it besides, if I'm gonna be a tourist and spend some money, it will absolutely be for the place, scenery and experience not for sex. I wouldn't mind finding a hot dude on my travels though. 


I am interested on being a sex tourist but I really think its also dangerous. So I am doubting to try.
It is really dangerous. Having sex with strangers and with different places.

Yaaas,@licktracy I'll travel for the scenery and not for the sex because that's pretty weird, going on other places just to pay for a sex. I mean I can do that here lol.

@licktracy I totally agree. Spending money just to travel for sex is kinda absurd, but I guess its also his/her fantasy. 

I kinda like this topic but I can't help but notice that most answers are from girls. I would love to hear an answer from a man on this to know their point of view. I haven't seen or know from my circle who would travel half miles away fro sex tourism. Also, I would love to see an answer from someone who has actually tried this and just shared about their experiences if it's worth trying or anything else..

@bruiseviolet nice chatting with you about this topic lol... 😄 

sex tourist? I haven't heard this one before. I am so curious about that right now. it's a little bit strange.

I know a guy who spends almost every holiday in Thailand and fucks everything that has a hole and walks on two legs. I know that he shagged at least three times a day a few years ago.

Yeah, Pattaya is always the first choice of a sexually insatiable mid aged Brit. 

Does anyone have info about Prague escort scene? I'm going there in a month and need some info about the girls there, their availability, rates, legality...

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