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Can someone tell me what's wrong with the home page? It keeps crashing every time I make a selection. I just wanted to know how do we view the list of escorts based on our selected location and honestly it doesn't give me the right specific location details. Is it like this with everyone, does the site shut down with me only or is it normal?

Reload the page. Maybe the site is crashed or under some repair.

Check your internet connection or WI-FI!

Try reloading it or browsing it from your phone! This worked in my case.

I think the site is not working properly it has nothing to do from your end. 

Get it checked by a professional maybe if nothing else works?

Try a VPN hot spot and see if it functions then?

Try any other websites to see if they are showing the same problem?

Nothing to worry about, the site was down for a couple of hours over the weekend. I am certain you must have accessed it then.

Revisit the page later, it has probably crashed.

Happened with my cousin too, but he’s a techno freak so he somehow fixed it. I’ll ask him and post it here. 

Never happened to us and the site is functioning properly

Wait for the technical support from the site admins. Also, you should also get your laptop checked for viruses and bug errors regularly.

Maybe you have a bad connection, I mean your internet is not working very well.

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