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If you book an escort for a role play, do you have to buy the costume? Or they’ll provide for that? Or they can provide but you can also buy an outfit for them. Sorry for the confusing question.

The escort usually have their own costume, especially if they offer services like role playing.

You can buy the attire if you have a specific look you want to see. 

You can buy the attire and give it as a gift but most escorts who offers role play got customes in their closets. Just tell them what you want and ask if they have the custome for that. 

Maybe they already provide custom, to make them look hotter!


Do you have an attire in your mind? Escorts have their own costume but if you have your own preference you can buy your own costume.

If you wish to book an escort whose services are rolepaying, they surely have their own custome. All you need to do is to ask them if the attire you want is available and its all good to go.

You can buy anything for them just know that they will wear it. Better ask her first before buying.

Buying an outfit for them is totally fine. They would also be happy if you give it to them as a present. 

If you are planning to book an escort that has role play in their services, they absolutely have their own costume. All you have to do is to call in advance, they can prepare an attire that you like. Though buying them as a gift is also okay.

This is also my question when I first booked an escort who offers roleplaying. I ended up buying some attire but it turns out that she already had one. But it's totally fine, she accepted it as a gift.

Maybe the escort is the one who will provide that kind of stuff.

I know that you can buy a costume for the escort if you want or if you have a specific thing in mind but escorts who offer role play already got costumes so it's really up to you.

@jeanger what role are you planning for? If it's a common like student, nurse, teacher etc, then most escorts already have costumes for that. Though if you want a specific “uniform” for student role play, then you gotta buy it.

I tried role play before, but the escort I booked is the one who provides the outfit that will used. 

I don’t know, I haven’t tried role play with an escort.

Actually you can give her if you want, but I am sure she will provide it.

Anyone who would like to meet me for role play, no need to think about the costume as I have a lot of them.., just tell me what you wanted I'll prepare it for you 😉💋

most escorts have costumes for role play but you're free to bring or buy them outfits that you wanna see.. 

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