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Have any of you had a prostate massage as part of the escort service? I'm curious as to how an escort who is proficient this achieves a good result. Anyone care to share a good experience?

I had something like that and whem mates where laughing heads off about letting somefinger in I was actually in 7th heaven, try👌



@ceenote massage is one of my favorite especially on tioring days but I never had a prostate massage though. Let me know if its good once you tried it. 

I don't know why but, a lot of boys really like that kind of service. I want to do that to my partner, lol.

Prostate massage? That's rare bruh.


Hi how much would you charge 

All the guys I've given this are always satisfied ðŸ˜‰ prostate massage is a must try!!! @ceenote

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