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Nothing feels better than going natural but there are a lot of condoms out there that are made to feel like you aren't wearing one at all. I think it is much safer to wear a condom.

I like it when a guy where's a condom for both his sake and mine. There are many ways to get a client off with a condom on. It is not wise to be with multiple partners without practicing safe sex. I have a lot of condoms in many shapes and sizes. There are ones that are flavored as well in case one of the services provided involves oral sex. You are likely not to find someone that will get intimate with you without a condom. If you are into sex toys and like anal, I always use condoms on the strap on as well.

I tend to agree with the use of a condom. It is as much for my safety as it is for my clients. We offer the use of our showers as well in case our clients want to freshen up first. Condoms, yes!

I don't remember a time that condoms weren't used. Maybe with your partner back when you both trusted each other but yes, I would wear a condom with an escort. It isn't just because she has several clients either.

The only time a guy doesn't have to wear a condom with me is if there is absolutely no penetration or oral sex. Some guys just want to get together for a massage. There are also times when guys just want a companion to an event they are attending. If we go back to his place after, I always make sure I have condoms in my purse for him to pick from, in case he doesn't have any.

This is something that I hear about all the time. I have had guys that try to get away with not wearing one but no way. Most of the guys bring their own. We talk about this during the booking process and it is something that most escorts feel is a no brainer.

I like the conversation here. People are thinking!

Why would anyone think of not wearing a condom? I would never have sex with a woman that I met at a bar or an escort without a condom. Every escort I have been with has demanded that a condom be worn.

I always make sure that the guys know that condoms are mandatory. When you have a healthy list of clients, you make sure that hygiene is always a priority. This is a really bad discussion because there are some guys out there that don't want to wear condoms. There are also a lot of newer escorts still learning and this thread will help them too. If there is oral sex or penetration and you don't wear a condom, you are both at risk. Avoid any doubt or worry and wear a condom whenever you are with an escort.

I like knowing that there are people out there thinking. I know my colleagues in the business would agree that being with an escort and wearing a condom go hand in hand. There are so many condoms and lubes out there that can really make you feel great! I have all kinds of condoms and lubes on hand for my clients who come over for an incall.

I got no issue with using condom, safe sex is my number concern when meeting escorts. 

Well yeah, definitely much safer with condom but if you're really into raw sex, I think you cannot help but asking for it. Better have a regular check up and make sure to go out with escorts who do the same. 

We all like to feel skin on skin, but safety is first. Personally, every time I have an encounter with an escort I use a condom, it’s a matter of safety for us both. 
The times I’ve done it without a condom, it’s been mutually agreed and with stable partners or girlfriends after some time of relationship. 

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