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I do not know if anyone else out there is having this problem. But I think lately when I to use the website on my phone it is been glitching? It like freezes up, and sometimes it closes the window and says "app closed suddenly". Am I the only experiencing this whole thing? I am honestly the worst at technology. I suck at everything in this field. I am total bum about this haha

Well, have you tries using your data? or updating your phone or something? I mean, it works fine for me all the time. It might be something as simple as that. That is always how it is with me. Like it's always the simplest answer haha

Yeah I would definietly be getting that checked out by a tech guy because there might be an issue with your phone or the app. The app has been working fine over all day long. But maybe it is just something weird on your end, bud.

It was actually happening to me a bit but honestly I just needed to update my phone and it basically solved itself. it is literally that easy. Have you tried that? Sometimes that all it takes on my end. Just update or restart my phone and suddenly everything is working no problem.

Trying it now since a few people have already suggested this. It seems to be working fine for me on the computer and on the phone. So in theory, you should be good to go.

Totally works fine now. Thanks guys!

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