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Have you noticed a huge increase in first-timers? I'm wondering if lots of guys made it a resolution to try escorting! As I mentioned last year, I had a fair amount of business but just last week I got three clients who were all polite, respectful, and pretty much perfect. A nice young guy I saw today kept apologising constantly 'for being nervous', 'for how that affected his performance', and for coming so quickly over himself. For the younger guys, perhaps they are more comfortable with my age. But older guys have been contacting me as well. 

Does anyone else find this to be the case?

We tend to have older clients but I guess this can vary for others.

My guess would be... A lot of the men nowadays aren't prepared to put up with the unrealistic goals of the women that they want to date.  To keep it 100%, the men just want to fuck at the end of the day.  They no longer want to play the game of blowing hundreds of pounds on 

one or two dates, then hoping that they get "lucky" on the third date.  From an economic as well as a common sense perspective, it makes more sense to just pay a professional, get the excitement that they require, stress free sex / intimacy...and carry on with their lives until the next time.   Ypu can change the face, race and the size of the waist, have threesomes and indulge a fetish or three.  A companion when you want one and peace and quiet when you want peace and quiet.  What is there not to like?.  I saw this scenario coming. (No pun intended) 

Just want to have all round sex with trans man give and receive 

well if Im one of the new guys, I would definitely have an escort for the first time.

I guess booking escorts is more easy than interacting people to have some intimate moment.

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