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Hi Ladies.🙂🥰


Initially I am quite a shy, eccentric, 56 year old butch woman from Leeds. I am usually quite a friendly and accommodating female.


Due to multiple surgeries and slow healing I have been out of the dating scene for quite some time?? 


I am seeking a younger, more experienced, slim, feminine female with long, dark hair.


She must be patient and willing to teach me more about Toy Play, techniques, fantasies and sex positions as in some ways I am quite wide but very naive in others!!!


I am more Dom than Sub. I love leather, restraints, Lap dances, perfume, food & good conversations etc.


I look forward to hearing from you. 💋







Hi Kat, welcome to the forum. I think I saw a post before looking for a someone as wonderful as you. If I found that post again, I'll mention you. 

Hello Katrana, what's your location or the places you offered your services for? 

Hi @Katrana, do you have a phone number that your potential can use to call you? 

Location please and how to contact you? Are you free or available on June 1st? 

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