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Hellooooo, i am a happy and comfortable man 39, straight Blackpool with desires to meet a friend first and foremost of the female variety. Preferably a lady, for regular meetings and other activities.

Thank you for reading


Welcome to the forum mate. I am also looking for a girl for fun this coming Wednesday night. 

Hey @badass are you okay with a mature woman? someone who is slightly older than you? 

Looking for a female in the Preston area.Anyone?


Looking for a female in the Preston area.Anyone?

When are we having fun Baby? Give me the date please 😘

Its been a long time since I had a regular but I am excited as well. You may send me a private message here love and we can further discuss

I am so down for this and the location is convenient for me, please let me know how to arrange the meeting or set things up with you! 💕

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