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Hello all.

I am a very retired working girl, but, I wonder if anyone out there does remembers me!!!

I've been thinking about this for ages.

Might as well ask!

I worked above a few north London pubs N15 and N18 areas, in the 1980s and at at Angels Massage,opposite Silver Street train station, 1996, 1998 and 1999.

I'm not sure this is the right place, but, in my retirement I always wonder if I left a longer lasting smile on anybody's faces.

Hello Mary, thanks for making a lot of people happy with your service. I am sure that you've helped a lot of people in ways you don't know. 

Hello Mary, I am supper excited to know that you are retiree in this industry. I cannot wait to learn a lot from you and read your experiences both fun and stories where we can learn too. 

Hello @busymary what are the services you offered? Of course before when you're still working. 😊

Hi Mary, nice to see someone like you here.

Hello Mary, what's your greatest advice to men who loves booking escort?


Hello Mary, what's your greatest advice to men who loves booking escort?

Keep on booking while you're still young lol 

I cannot wait to reach this stage. I am pretty sure that I would wonder the same thing but for me it doesn't matter anymore as long as I'm happy and contented. 

Hello Mary, welcome to the forum and nice to meet someone like you. 💖

Hello Mary, I just saw your post right now and I am very happy to read a post from a retiree. I'm glad that you're enjoying the fruit of your labor now and don't worry too much whether you made someone happy because I am telly you, you absolutely did. 

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