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I had the chance to meet Anna from Cardiff wtih 24315.She was ALL natural. no fake boobs,. no fake butt and all black hair with a bit of highlights. When I called the agency she was not my first choice but the other girl already has a booking and I was so fucking someone that day. They recommended Anna to me and I was a bit hesitant at first. Anna, exceeded my expecation. SHe was very lover like. When I arrived from her apartment she gave me water and offered sandwich. She said cooking is her passion and someday she wants to be someone elses wife. Not all escorts wants this simple life. I was not rushing, I was booking over night. She told me she rested the whole day to be ready for me and make sure I will be happy. I grasp her round ass while she was cleaning the table,. those soft round ass was all natural. She grinded her ass to my crotch and was closing her eyes in passion. I can fucking tell you she was so into it. I suck her tits, her brownsih tits that I sucked so hard.. I was like a baby latching over her. I fucked her on the table. I fucked her so hard and she liked it. Oh Anna.. I will surely be back you gave me a night to remember. I will bring you gifts. you deserve that

WOW, reading your post and I can tell that you really enjoyed anna's company. Posting her ID is really helpful too, lots of guys will experience her great service. 

Does this Anna accept threesome?

Yeah she is gorgeous and nice to hear that she's good at what she's doing too. 

I guess not because I did not receive a response lol

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