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As a guy who doesn't have any experience with escorts, I would like to find out what one should consider when picking a great escort for a fun night out? I mean I get it that appearance plays a big part and that she must have a nice personality. She must also be professional with the way she does things. Other than that, what should I look into? I'd really appreciate your help guys!

Hey man! Other than what you had mentioned there, I would look into her reputation. I mostly go for escorts that I find out through recommendations or ones who have reputations. A girl must have great client reviews about her. That way, I can be sure that I'll have a good time.

These guys are right. There's a few more things to look into when picking an escort. I personally don't like going out to meet escorts. I always have them come over to wherever I'm staying. A hotel room in most cases. But some escorts only do in calls which means they need you to come to their place. I don't go with escorts like that. You need to also consider things such as rates and her rules. I'd also advise you to deal with escorts with a lot of respect. That should be your number one rule if you wanna have a great time.

Try to find who's your type then check the reviews (if she had some) to be sure that she's worth your time. If you want to be with someone who's great in bed, just check the posts of some of the guys here. The escorts that they've mentioned would give you a great time.

I would suggest that you go for the ones that are your type, then check if they're willing to do things that you're into, and the most important thing that you should check is that if they're within your budget lol.

It looks like you're a real pro when it comes to finding the right escort for you. @cevinkey

You need to consider the budget. Usually, rates depend on the duration you want to spend with the escort and the services he or she offers. Other important considerations are whether you are going to pick her, or there is a cab to pick her.

@chailattay You certainly know about the prices but those girls in demand are the ones who are expensive and I'm going to suggest that the client should have a car so he can have the possibility of having car sex.

You need to look after the positive remarks they got on the escort if they truly recommend her then go for it.

It really depends on your preference if you want to go with someone who has green eyes, small breasts or busty, etc.  Do you want an escort who speaks the same language as you? These are some important factors to take into account when hiring an escort.  

I was about to ask you why she needs to have a nice personality and I remembered that there are escorts out there who tend to be blunt towards their clients that they sound a bit rude already.

I think eveything that you need to know has been said already so I'll just wish you luck of finding the perfect escort for you.

You need to identify what you like, let's say you have a kink then you should check that escort out if she also have that kind of kink or fetish.

I always consider the type of service they offer and how good they are with it, I usually checks the review or feedback of their previous customers and of course, there are times where I want an escort who looks so hot, so it totally depends but I go with their skills most of the time. 

I go straight to the reviews, I always find my answers there whether they are worth booking. 

@Stuart.Hull go with the escorts experience and how good they are at their service you can always check it in the reviews. You can also check the prices, great escorts tend to have a higher rate than the others. 

I haven't meet a girl who are using sex toys, maybe soon, I hope I found one. 

Just find a girl you like and see their services and then check their reviews, if it's good.

Reviews are important as well as a well established Agency if you are going via that route.


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