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I had booked for an escort for an out call from this agency, they promised the girl i have seen in the website is the one they will be sending. but when she arrived at the door step it as a girl which has no resemblance to the picture. 
On top of that the Lady was super non co operative, no kissing, just one shot either a BJ or Sex without touching. Scam so please dont fall for it.

a while ago i left a post here for that agency... 

anyway, this is my experience

some guy from E.Europe, Romania, Bulgaria, smth like that, 'agency owner' 

not a real agency hes a pimp 

he had a bunch of agency websites, think it was BestLiverpool Best Manchester Escorts, smth like that 

none of the girls on his websites are real, all stolen pics, i even recognized a lot of pornstars, actresses, singers, celebrities...

he just use those illegal websites to fish clients 

he has like 3/5 girls that works and send them instead, always, just outcalls 

when you complain, ask for your money back because they scam you, they want to beat the crap out of you... 

last time i threatened to call the police and that cunt just run... 

avoid them at all costs!!!

i hear ya

those girls on his website are soo fake 

old pornstar photos

if he spent that much time he used to set up those websites into actually recruting girls, hed be now in top nortwest agencies

Thank you for sharing it. If anyone has the same experience feel free to post it, we have to stop those cunts. 

if i just have read this before i booked via those scumbags. Same story pal, they sent some munter instead of a girl i choose on their website. I just got rid of her but deposit stays in their pockets, fuckers. 

They are widely known scammers here, you guys should have done some research before making a book there.

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