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Hiyaaaa, i recently moved to Belfast, i usually have a regular escort near me. Can anyone suggest me any discrete reliable girl? 

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If you're not demanding speaking of age I suggest you Sally. She is skilled and affordable, and most importantly she's going to rock your world because she knows how to turn you on. A well mannered girl, it's always a pleasure to meet with her, so if you're looking for a regular, she's the best option I know.


Here is her profile:

Sally is a goddess. She never disappoints. Meeting with her will turn your toughest day into day in heaven. 

Hi everyone. Does anyone know Tigerlilly? She's independent from Belfast. I used to punt her and she was delightful, but i haven't been in there for a long time. Now i came back but can't  find her. Has she stopped working or she moved? Any info will be great. I hope she's still working since i literally loved her body and mind. 

I remember Lilly, one of the best in Belfast 1-2 years ago, it's a shame I haven't heard about her since. I would love to hear how she's going. 

That's exaclty why i'm asking for her. She was well mannered, punctual, and knew how to get me hard, we had special connection. well, if anyone has an info or something i would appreciate if you let me know. Anyone knows other reliable girs from Belfast?

Sarah is the best option in Belfast by far. When i met her for the first time i noticed how happy she was and after that I realized why. She loves the job so much, being lusty and horny all the time, she can fuck for hours. While performing cowboy she squirted all over me, and my cock has never been harder, a thought it's going to blow. I cummed on her face two times in an hour. The best thing is she's so affordable so i can visit her oftenly.



Thanks for the review, look at that body, no doubt i want to hit that. 

And did you hit it? Tell us more about her.

Yes i did, she's absolutely fantastic, enjoyed every second of lustful ambience. It appears she's an escort near me. The best thing is her professionalism and diligence to please the client in the best possible way. 

remember of lilly, the girl was in a class of her own. Still, squirting sarah promises a good shag.

Well guys, in a case you didn't know, Lilly and Sarah paired up some time ago and now they are working together. Imagine that duo 💘

Even though there are rumours it's almost impossible to make an appointment with them now, it's surely worth trying.

That's the best news of 2023 so far. Have you booked  them yet? How much are they charging now? 

Don't know exactly, but i heard they increased fees a lot, maybe double. There are a lot of bad reviews and rumours regarding their rates and unavailability right now. 

Don't care really, there will always be people talking rubbish about everybody. Don't know how she looks now but she was a brilliant escort a few years ago.

The best mature in NI without doubt. Her sexy look gave me a huge boner, haven't felt like that in a long time. Attractive and well maintained body, couldn't ask for more.

Tiger Lilly used to do threesomes with her. Pretty mature hoe, who wouldn't like to bang her? 

What a lusty smiling face, my cock is turning into concrete.

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