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Well, if we are going to talk over the independent escorts, we have to include London as well. Please give us hints, recommendations, opinions, and suggest us reliable girls. Regards. 

You guys have to try Anastasia. She's affordable, attractive, and that fuckable face which is going to turn you on in a second. You're not going to regret it. 



I've been with Anastasia once. She's cute and attractive, but doesn't have a charm at all. I had feeling like she doesn't want to do it, so reluctant and unenthusiastic. I regret punting her and just want to finish as quick as i could and to get out of there. I punted girls who aren't that pretty, but they knew how to get you excited and turn you on, and that's the most important thing with escorts. Maybe it just wasn't her day, but im not going to punt her again, that's for sure. 

Lads, please help me. I'm interested in punting a mature hoe called Alexandra. Any advice would be helpful. What she performs best? Does she requests deposits? Does she likes anal? She looks great and lusty for her age. I turned on the moment i saw her.

Latina lovers, Bianca Prado is a fucking queen of BJs. She's two levels above every other girl in London, and i've been with lot of them. Fantastic hoe! 

Edward, all that info you can find on ER website. There you can find all services and offers. I'll post it here for you.



Lads, consider this suggestion as a little present for holidays, thank me later.


The best independent pussy in London! 



Has anyone punted this girl?

I cumed on her face couple of times. A top BJ performer, my recommendations. 

Banged her, it went ok but shame she wasn't passionate and lustful at all, so she was in a mind-wandering state. She wasn't rude or something, and seemed like a nice person. I'll chalk it up to exhaustion.

It happens particularly after the holidays, everyone is fatigued from time to time. I advise you to see her again, she's great when she's fresh.

It could be the case, still it wasn't the worst punt of my life, i'll give her a chance again.

Has anyone punted Nikkiblonde girl? What a fantastic tits!

Best tits of Westminster. Not a model body but gives nice GFE, try some tittfuck. 

New in the business, more than affordable. Young, fresh and openminded, and you know how young ones react to hard cock. 😉

50 quid for 90 minutes 👀. And look at that body got to visit her. Thank you mate. 

Haven't seen better titts in years. And what's the deal with bargain rates?

Anyone been with this cracker?

I was, she's curly wild lady, so inspired and excitied she turned me on instantly. In her 30s with well shaped body. The best thing is you can do whatever as she provides almost everything even bareback. 

Stormy is well known recognized escort in London. Mastered the roleplay, BDSM, and other unusual services. Her sexuality, lustness is innate ability. 

This is a magnificent girl. Attractive, lusty, love getting pounded, did everything i asked for, yet i didn't ask for too much but she hasn't revealed any reluctance.

Is she worth the money? Looks nice, but quite pricey for an independent. 

Of course she is, you'll hardly find such a reliable and attractive girl around here. 

if any girl here wants some pussy licking on a weekly basis please send me a message....

Cute and sexy. When i saw her my penis screamed for joy. Nice hygiene, nice conduct, it was flawless...

I see she has her own website, doing a lot of services including PSE, CIM, COF...


Fancy those kind of hoes, professional and lusty...

Porn King

New in the business, more than affordable. Young, fresh and openminded, and you know how young ones react to hard cock. 😉

She's from Canary Wharf right? Was it outcall or incall? How come she's doing it for such a reasonable price? 

Outcall, don't know mate, perhaps she's earning a lot on Onlyfans. 

Any info about her? Thanks

Banged her 5-6 years ago, it was 2017 i think. I remember she had a nice touch as she gave me a fantastic massage first. It was followed by b2b oral after that tapped her in classic mish. I finished in her mouth. Overall she was 8/10, but i don't know if she's still in business. 


Any info about her? Thanks

Can't help you with this one mate, i checked her on ukpunting and couldn't find a thing. Still it says on her profile she's active, if you decide to punt her let us know. 

Any info on this Romanian escort? She's looking hot.

I think she's no longer in the business, last reviews of her were on the summer of 2021 and her last login on adultzone was on last summer, her adultwork profile is deleted as well.

She's Luxandra DT now, not so good reviews on ukpunting (1 neutral, 1 positive, 2 negative) she looks impressive though.

Is Sania Anadia still in business?

Sania is one of the best looking escorts i've seen, but she's frequently on and off lately and seems not to be completely into it. Saw some comments that she's had a baby so it must be it.

Hi gents, i come across this cute escort near me, has anyone seen her lately, any info?

She's good. One of the best indies in London, although she's a Romanian escort. Astonishing fit body and willing services (especially OWO) are her best features. 

Hi lads, any recommendations for an escort in East London? 

Estrella sweet - a new escort in London - Woolwich. Gorgeous Brazilian facially attractive, pair of fake tits and typical latina big ass. She's located near Dlr station, i had a good 30 minute session with her.

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