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Hiya! What’s your opinion about Barracuda escorts? I see there is no topic about them, so i’m going to start up, since they are a respectable London agency. Feel free to write about your experience and thoughts regarding them. 

Really nice that someone started this topic. I find their absence here quite odd. I book there occasionally and it was always perfect, never got a problem with them. It is one of the classiest agencies in London and most of the girls are fucking models. Therefore they are a little bit fancy, but shagging a model is a privilege and it’s not for everyone.

I booked once a girl there when I was in London, and I'll never ever forget that night. She was a young Russian and new in London at the time. She could barely speak English but it wasn't a problem at all. Beauty of her was out of this world, it’s just indescribable. We spoke couple of minutes just to get relaxed before we started to fuck. That feeling is something everyone should experience. I was lucky that she had just started escorting and her cost wasn’t that pricey, but her real price was a grand, easily. I tried to book her after that and never managed it, i think she quit escorting or moved. 

That literally looks like them. They have practice presenting girls on the site as new ones, and then after a few days they disappear. It happened to me as I was searching for a girl there, and a few days after I found the right one I called them, but they told me she will be unavailable for a long time. I find it unprofessional, especially for one classy agency like Barracuda. 

Such useful information. I had a wish to punt there for a months since i found their website so well arranged. Are those girls real? Should i be concerned about scams? It would be good if someone could answer me on these questions. Cheers lads.

I know the eastern European girls are their speciality. It's well-known in London that if you want to shag some quality russian pussy, Barracuda is the place. A friend of mine was a regular there and had that girl, i forgot the name, but the poor lad got smitten by her. It was a tough couple of weeks for him. Be careful out there, Russian girls are something different. 

That's right. Russian girl's beauty is beyond this world, and they have some unexplainable sensuality, that's why they are one of the most populars girls, but pricey as well. Speaking of Barracuda agency, i've been with a girl called Lineka and that's the most beautiful girl i've ever been with. We were fucking so gently and enjoying every second. Experience was 10/10 and i recommend her to everyone.

I heard about them, but never tried to book there. I have just visited their website and it looks promising, like the design, especially how they arranged profiles. And the girls are beauties. I don’t know much of their reliability but according to the lads experience up there, it’s worth a shot. 

Guys could anyone tell me something about this girl, i would appreciate it. She looks amazing, i need to taste that pussy.

Well i tasted that pussy and if you have enough money go and fuck her you'll not regret it. I can say she's not pricey at all, regarding her figure and look her price should be double than it is now.

Sorry mate, but it’s too expensive for me. For that money i can shag the independent ones for a month. And if you really make an effort, you will find them as nice as those Barracuda beauties but for less money. Of course there is reliability stuff etc. But once you find the right one it goes smoothly. If you ask me, the independents are a better choice for those who are not into money. 

It seems they are a dependable agency. They don’t have too many escorts so there is less possibility of encountering a fake one. The design is just perfect, never seen such. And those girls are gorgeous. Please if someone has experience with them give us some hints here, and tell us the girls are as good as they are in the photos, i’m definitely hooked on this one. 

I've just visited their site, the girls are stunning, and there are affordable ones as well, but i'm not so sure about reliability. Anyone punted there yet? 

Doubt anyone here has that much money. lol 

Curvy girl, knows how to ride, i enjoyed every second with her.



I envy you. She's a bomb. Have a feeling i would be able to shag her 5 times repeatedly...👌

5 times minimum mate 😂

Finding escorts under 300 quid there is mission impossible. 

There are a lot of cuties but be careful lads, i think they engaged the most skilled photoshoper in the galaxy. All of them look gorgeous in the profile photo but after i entered some profiles and carefully looked at every photo i found some of them not that hot like it seems at first sight. There are literally munters with rates of 400 quid per hour. 

Maybe the best reference for a photo editor job application would  be ''worked for an escort agency''. So many munters they turned into model looking girls...

Don't know buddy but this one doesn't need photoshop at all. Anyone been with her?



pretty lady with a pretty high rates 

Don't know anyone who was with her. @Dumpyhump if you decide to book her please let us know how it went, im highly interested in this one...

Nice place with a good selection of young escorts. Have both pricey and budget ones as well, so there is something for everyone...


Don't know anyone who was with her. @Dumpyhump if you decide to book her please let us know how it went, im highly interested in this one...

Sure mate, i don't know when will it happen though. Have to spare some quid to afford her...

Full of Russian and Brazilian diamonds, a lot of them are pricey though. If i make tens of thousands i would punt there on a weekly basis.

Chaps, could anyone suggest to me a brazillian girl from the Barracuda agency with the best cost/benefit ratio?

They have really nice selection of Russian escorts,  in the case they are actual looking like in the pics. 

Any reviews of Bachata from agency barracuda?

The photos are real, she's hot as fuck. Toned body, nice titties, cute face. The problem is she's reluctant. Not giving much DFK, not passionate at all, her services are pretty much mechanical. Charges too much for extras and for that money she has to perform a way better.

They have a helpful receptionist, but their girls seem to be too arrogant and reluctant.

That's what i noticed too. The more expensive a girl is, the worser attitude is. They don't care about your experience and the rumours that will be spreading after.

What are the usual rates there? 

From 250 to 600-700 pounds. Most of them charge 300 - 400 for an hour...

Here is a link to the page of Barracuda agency,, on there you can find most recent reviews, selection of escorts, rating of the agency, contact info and all other info that may be important for clients.

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