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Hiya. My client created profile here on my behalf, but now i have a problem because i can't run it. What i have to do in order to take control of my profile? Please help me. XX

Hi there. Have you contacted support? I had the same issue and i just sent them an email and they resolved it in a second. 

Thank you for your quick response. Do they request money for that or everything is for free?

Eveything is for free. And have to say this forum is gold, i already had three guys from here. 

Hi there, my client also made the profile for me, and i claimed it just by contacting the support via email and they sorted it out immediately. They are very responsive so you won't have to wait too long. 

They are so responsive, always active and ready to solve various problems. ER has the best technical support IMO. 

Thank you so much, the guys from the support are wonderful. And the place is lovely

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