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Hi all, im interested in booking a girl in Sheffield, it would be my first punt so i considered experienced blonde one.

Photos are 100% genuine. Absolute goer always ready for action. Never turned down on me.

Apart from average body, her lust would harden the softest cock on the Earth. Loves playing with toys.

Alexa is a stunner. Nobody can arouse me like she can, love tattooed goers. 

For Sheffield BDSM admirers, there is no better escort than this lady.

Does she provide intercourse or just loves to spank some geezers buttocks?

Can't see intercourse among her fetish and service info. 

Absolute the best escort i've been with. Young and fresh with body of a goddess, swallowing my cock like a lollipop. Her place is a bit small but fully furnished and clean.

And does bareback as well. It's difficult to find that attractive independent who provides BB. 

Heard of her, she's up for anything just pay her and do whatever you want, a friend of mine visits her occasionally so i think she's reliable enough.

Haven't banged a girl for a long time so i was in search of an escort near me, found this brazilian girl. At first it did look a bit suspicious to me but since i was desperate for some fanny i contacted her. A cheerful girl answered and we arranged it all very quickly. Her place is nice, she's such a cute girl, always smiling and obliging, offered me everything she could to make me relaxed and to enjoy the situation more. I wanted to try classic PSE, so she gave DFK while unzipping my pants, performed a fantastic BJ and after that banged her in a missionary pose, with a huge load finishing all over her body. She's not expensive and provides various good stuff...

Just by the look in her eyes she's kinky as hell. And you didn't mention she provides bareback, it's a good opportunity for Sheffield blokes to feel some real warm brazilian punani. 

But offering bareback with such a bargain price...Buddy i would rather stick my little boy into a snake hole.

Ahahahaha im dying. Nice one bro. Still there are guys who would stick it into a snake hole if it's warm, juicy and tight enough. 😂

Lets say she's not the best escort out there, but neither the worst. Likes when cum covers her face....

Been with her, didn't like it so much, below average body and hasn't shown so much eagerness...


Apart from average body, her lust would harden the softest cock on the Earth. Loves playing with toys.

Excellent choice for those who admire kinky girls! If you don't know how to express your sexual fantasy she'll figure it out easily just let her work and enjoy her service....

Pretty straight forward arrangement via txt... She has a nice flat which is equipped with all necessary things. After a brief chat i took a shower, then she led me to the bedroom where she offered me to lay on the bed which i did as she started with a nice sloppy bj. Since i was so turned on by her appearance when I felt the finish was near and warned her so she continued with a hj holding my fellow so tight. It was quite a huge load and it took a while as she cleaned it up then she laid beside me and we started with snog and grope, fingering before i gave her oral. While she was moaning and fondling my head, i became aroused and just after she came I stuck him in her gently and started with a slow grind. Then she offered cowgirl and it was bingo as she was so aroused and performed it with such an intense... As we were getting closer to the end i told her and she layed on her back and i came all over her tits and torso...

She's so understandable and decent person, yet so kinky, like everything about her so high recommendation for this girl....

Great review mate, she's looking fit and hot. And not expensive at all! Love the intro, she's kind of pervie.... Definitely my type, looking forward to seeing her!

Don't know about you lads but i already fell in love with that body. Checked her on adultwork too, she has a nice reputation there, as she does cam shows...

And i have to say, according to her appearance, the rates are so affordable...

Anyone know her age? She looks so well maintained, absolutely love those girls. 

you have that info on her escort rankings profile or adultwork profile if you're searching for more accurate info. I've just visited her adultwork profile it says there she's 33. 



Has anyone been with this thicc kinky bird?

I've booked her once, maybe a year ago. Her appearance is 5/10, attitude 9/10, service/7/10, rates (10/10). Overall it was a decent punt, she's a well conducted, well mannered girl, arranged it without any difficulties. She has a nice flat, with a huge and comfortable bed. She's an engaging SP who was giving her best to please me and put me at ease, definitely not a clock watcher! Why i didn't punt her again? Im the type of the guy who tends to book a bit more attractive girls than Amanda is, not to mention it was at the expense of service quality a lot of times, but i just can't help it.

Thanks for the review, going to visit her this weekend.

Does anyone know a reliable mature escort from Sheffield? 

She's keen shagger. Easy going blonde, feel free to ask her to do whatever you want.

Sugartits should tick your boxes, keen on shagging, one of the dirtiest i've punt so don't worry about service. Regarding appearance , she was ok for her age, but i can't say what she looks like now since I saw her a long time ago.

Suggartits was a proper escort a few years ago, as far as i know. Don't know what she looks like now but as i see she has reviews from this year on escort rankings and adultwork so she's probably still active.


She's keen shagger. Easy going blonde, feel free to ask her to do whatever you want.

Well known scammer you're recommending here don't you? Don't know if you're somehow related to her, or you had that pleasure to finally meet her (one in a million), but before recommending an escort to someone better do some research about her reputation...

Sorry to hear that. Didn't want to put you in trouble, if i'd known she scammed people around i wouldn't have recommended her. I've had a good time with her but two years ago to be honest.

Irwin did you say she does bareback I'm coming from Dubai I'm English just work here but coming home to see family next week so I'm looking for a girl thanks 


And does bareback as well. It's difficult to find that attractive independent who provides BB. 

Does she do bareback I'm English but live in Dubai coming home to see family looking for a girl thanks 

BB sex is on her service list, so probably it's on offer. 

Any info about this girl?

KinkySwitchM is MillieRyan, I've seen her a few times and yet to have a bad time or bad experience.


She is very good and knows her way around the bedroom!


I would say she is the best in Sheffield at this moment in time.  She is not the cheapest, however, in my opinion, you get what you pay for.


She is very open that she doesn't do anal, and deffo does not do bareback.  She also doesn't do pain.  Other than that, she always dresses to impress (has a very good wardrobe, including some latex/pvc).  She is happy to provide tie and tease (really good session), however, wont let you restrain her.  


I would suggest that if there is anything in particular you want her to wear, or do, then speak to her about it.  She will soon tell you yes or no.


She is well spoken, very attractive, cracking body, and i reckon could suck a golf ball through a six foot length of garden hose pipe.  


Ticks all my boxes.


Thanks for the response. Sounds perfect to me, especially sucking abilities... 👌


Hopefully she'll tick my boxes too...

This one offers BB fuck and has a lot of videos of her doing a BB on adultwork. But the prices look unreasonably low for a BB shag to me. Any intel about her?

BB for a rate around 150, seems good if you want to catch STDs... Not to mention she's a complete munter. 


I think it's better to shag attractive birds for that money, it's safer at the end of the day.

Any intel about this tattooed honey?


Banged her a few years ago. She looked like in the pics but I ran into a review of a meeting that had happened recently. The lad was disappointed as she was much larger than in photos, he assessed her as size 16 or 18 which quite differs from what we can see in photos.

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