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Have you guy met Melany?

Omg I am still impressed about her services... 

I was looking for a Brazilian that doesn't look like fake, those kind of beauty they buy.

Than I found this diamond, and damn! What an experience .. Melany is so confident of what she is doing that I could only watch her impressed about her beauty, she is magical. I really wanna know if anyone else here was lucky enough to met this gem ?

Where is she from? Does she have a profile or something? 

Are you referring to this Melany? I heard she's deepthroating cocks like a pornstar.



There she is! This girl is PURE fire... if you are really looking for a naughty girl she is the one to go for.

Although I do think this number there is wrong

Deepthroat,big dick she doesn't squirt she make it rain,... it's unbelievable amazing 

I always check her Adultwork as she told me on our last meeting that she have to constantly keep changing her number.


I might visite her again this week. She is a dream. Her English is impressively good. 

I am surprised she was never mentioned here even tho she have outstanding services.



Her Adultwork has more accurate information as I think that is number is not matching her Adultwork 


I am surprised that nobody talk about her here even tho she have outstanding services.

she is a true porn star naughty af , the squirt is REAL. She makes rain like I never seem before...

1h is never enough with her...


Might come back to her this week I've seen she upload new videos ... definitely I will check around,

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