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Im intrigued by how long all you folks have been punting for and how many times a week ? 


Ive been punting 5 years, once a week at least. Love the excitement of doing whatever you want and leaving no strings attached 

Punting for more than a decade now. I don't book that frequently now, once or maybe twice per month, but there were times when i used too punt a lot more. I don't punt by some specified scheme, just follow my instinct and desires, when i feel i need a lady's companion. 

Punting for almost 7 years and never going to quit 

Tried it twice , Would Not try again. Both were a disaster.. 

lol, there is no punter who hasn't experienced it. Just keep trying and when you find the right girl stick to her.

2 years into it, experienced it a lot, but considering what kind of girls i had opportunity to fuck, it worth it.

2 years and counting....


Usually punt once in a month

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