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Hello everyone, have you met any escort of an Arab ethnicity? Who was the good one .

Don't know if she's still active, give her a call....

What about Samera she goes by other names too on here


Any heads-up about her ?

Yup, found her, she has a lot of profiles on escort rankings. I saw some reviews where clients complained about her being too much photoshopped, still they found her hot. Other than that she's good.

Talula is a great escort. Bit older than she looks in photos, but with excellent body. I liked her tattoos. She provides services with such eagerness, not filling the bag at least twice would be huge dissapoint.

Good old Talula, haven't heard of her for a while. Tapping her used to always cheer me up…


Top notch enthusiasm and body.

Would anybody please tell me about Layla or if has anybody met her, she's on PVIP not sure if the pictures are actually there's one IG profile with those pictures, could anybody confirm where can I exactly find her profile or if has met her, that's her profile down.


anyone of you booked this provider goes with name Layla she apparently is on PVIP don't know how accurate are they with her pictures she charges £600/hr I'm ready to book her but need to be sure that's actually her there are actual reviews of her probably there are other who goes by this name too, she has an IG Acc too if you know her or have booked her please share your experiences, here's a link to her profile on ER. 


If you've booked please share your overall experience and her services.

Don't know mate, never heard of her, try to contact them and ask for video verification

Does PalaceVIP provide this service? Cuz they told they cannot do this as they're not allowed to.

I visited their website (Palace VIP), they offer Latin, European, Russian, but i haven't found any Arab escort among their selection. 

Yes but they told they have this Escort with the name Layla she's on Escort ranking as well. 

Maybe they stopped cooperation and she's no longer member of their agency. 

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