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Have you ever asked yourself about this hypothetical situation? Who are your favourite but unaffordable escorts, which escort would be your choice if you were financially well situated enough?

Well, i would like try escorts like this diamond...

Not bad @cactus, not bad. 


My choice -


Reason - for that money she has to be facial attractive. With a look which will turn your cock into concrete while you watch her riding. 

Don't know really, never thought of that, maybe some pornstar? 

This escort has been my desire for a long time, she looks fantastic.


It would be peak of my life. 

Antonella from Discreet elite definitely. Love her tan and rounded gym bunny ass, also tits look great, don't know if they're bolt-ons but they look natural enough.

I would punt her or some similar looking redhead escort. Love them.

From my experience, higher fees don't guarantee better services. I've punted a lot of girls in my days and believe or not the best ones were inexperienced cheap thai girls who showed great enthusiasm and always wanted more. Girls beyond 250 quid were always arrogant and stuck up, often too confident with the belief that their 'beauty' is more than enough to satisfy client's needs. 

For me 2 ladies, one face sitting me the other cow girl.


It would be very expensive, or rather poor value for money, 2 ladies to suck me 2x pussys to fuck and realistically 2 cums in an hour from me?

Nothing to add there, probably would pay them extra for bareback.

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