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Hello Lads, so far I've been posting on this forum it's been a good experience and found some good lads who helps you out genuinely, let's make it interesting so who has been the hottest/Sexiest facially attractive good hygiene.


 Escort you've met so far who was as good as in person as she was in her pictures and with the services provided satisfactory. 


I know it's something purely subjective what I might find hot could be average for you but let's help out each other and find the best, but I'd like to hear from you guys mostly the ladies we see on the Agency are hot but once you get to see them in person it's a completely different picture.


An attachment of link to the profiles and Names would be appreciated.

For me so it was this Brit women extremely curvy no ideas if she still escorts unable find her name was Ivy grace, the women had a pretty face IMO natural thick body and very hygienic, although the services weren't that good as I was told the page had mentioned a lot which I was not provided with at the encounter, had to pay 500/hr.


I've just found her on google, she has a personal website, oh boy you did pay for that big bum. It's an overpriced punt for my standards. 


Best hoe i've been with is Sabrina from secrets escorts Manchester. She has an average body, but the thing is we clicked and it was always full send passionate shag. 


And the best part is i paid 150 quid for an hour. 

Yes someone else told she now has a website, indeed she's expensive but she was one hell of lady with sweet body and Bum, the rates would rather not bother me but if I'm paying this much I'd look for a lot of the services which weren't offered sadly she would've been my favourite had she been a little generous. 


Sabrina ? Never heard this name bro but im sure you had a great time, I guess that's what matters.


It was about 2-3 years ago. I wanted to try with an elite escort. I remembered one girl that i was attracted to at first glance. So I sent her an email and we arranged it all. 


She was perfect to me, manners, politeness but in a seductive way, from the very beginning i could confirm she was worth it. 


Facially attractive, perfect body, the girl hadn't flaws. And the best part was she hadn't bounds in bed at all, she was willing to do anything i wanted with great enthusiasm and passion. It was a punt to remember. 

Only bad thing about her are pricey rates since those were too much for me and I couldn't afford her as many times as i would like to. It cost me 450 quid for an hour and a half.

Looks like you've had a good time, good for you, thank You for sharing.

This girl was my best punt, therefore she's the best IMO. 


Don't know why, but i find curly girls extremly hot, when i see them i get an instant boner, like immediately.

Diana was even better in reality than in her pics. Top notch body, extraordinarily pleasant to chat with, to spend time with. Everything is proper but her endurance while getting pounded. Sometimes she can't bear it at all and sometimes it is all ok. The thing with her is, she's so hot and kinky that i don't have to fuck her, sometimes the bj is enough, she's arousing me that much. Never left her place without cuming at least 2 times.

Hottest ever is LullabyRose (brighton) by far. Her appearance, performance, everything suited me well. I’ll post a review of her, even though the punt was a year ago, she deserves it.

My stand out girl has to be baby shark in Woking. Google her and check her out... Oh my God , Started with a good masaage  She requested i get on all 4s , started to lick my arse and wank my cock couldn't hold it more than 3 minutes l. 

Khan, does she have a profile on escort rankings? Do you have her contact details?


She's very hot. I've been seeing her for a number of years now. We've also had many threesomes (with her boyfriend as well as other female friends of hers) and we've also had foursomes with her boyfriend and my girlfriend. Seriously recommended!  

Nice pair of tits, and rates are reasonable. You hit it off with her and knowing she's open-minded as well as your girlfriend and her boyfriend.


Pal the world is yours. 

Sheffield Polish escort Angel Maria, a 42 year old who opened my mind and set the bar to the highest level. Her unmatched enthusiasm and lust led to terrific intercourse every time, and having orgasm with her is something different.

She's lush! Boy hot matures are incomparable if you ask me. They usually provide the best services and in addition with excellent body maintenance it's a winning combination.


Khan, does she have a profile on escort rankings? Do you have her contact details?

Type in thai baby shark escort finder . Her Name will come up on goggle 

Found her, she has full bush if i'm not mistaken, love the titties and list of services offered as well. Does she charge any extras?



Like it says on her profile, she was active for a few weeks and i got lucky to book her at the time. She was unbelievably lusty and energetic all the way. We clicked off easily and the rest of the meet was so good that it is unmatched so far.

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