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A few days ago, I spent an amazing day with two gorgeous women. They were the prefect combo. They looked almost like twins! I know that most men go for duos where the women are different. I thought of changing that and going for two women who were very similar. It turned out to be a great move. I enjoyed the time with these two beautiful ladies that night. The sex and the company was amazing. I enjoyed every bit of it. These two escorts were a great team and they combined to treat me to a lusty night that I will remember for a very long time. They seem to understand all my needs and they quickly got no to their job without fussing. Their bodies were stunning. Both of them were seductive in the own way. They used their immaculate bodies to perfection. If anyone is thinking about going for an escort duo, do consider going for two women who has similar bodies. It might sound boring at first but it's a very special feeling when you're with two women who are almost identical with the way they look. It's like a hot twin fantasy come true!

To be honest, I've never thought of duos that way. You bring up a very good point. We all have that hot twin fantasy and I'm going to give it some serious thought!

@Robbie30 You should! I've always had that fantasy and I have now crossed it off my list!

Man it sounds like you had an amazing night. I've never had the pleasure of being with two escorts at once. I mean it's a bit too expensive but I'm tempted now. I occasionally spend time with escorts and I'm going to try and save a bit so that I can have a night like that.

@colby.p me too! It was indeed a lot of fun! The thought had crossed my mind a few times. Specially since I had never had a threesome in my life. But like you said, the money side always kept me from going for it. But I don't think it should. We all know what we spend on our entertainment every month. I think cutting back for a month or two guarantees a perfect night like that. That's how I got there. I don't make crazy money. I just managed my money for a few months smartly and saved for this night. It was well worth the struggle.

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Any suggestions for a duo in Birmingham? 

I saw a great review of Meena hot and Sexy Sonya duo, which was posted at the end of last year. So contact them and give it a try. Meena is a hot Thai escort, known as a proper goer. 

Try with Lilly Ann from Lush agency, she's gorgeos and willing escort, open minded.

Good idea of combining two similar girls. My fantasy is to do it with blonde twins, but there is a 100% chance that will remain as fantasy only. So punting two similar girls would pretty much satisfy my desires.

You're one lucky guy! Can anyone suggest Edinburgh escorts for a duo session?

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