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She's literally a gem. Found her via adultwork since she's a new member there. Comms went pretty straightforward, she responded quickly and we arranged it easily. Her flat is 5 - 10 minutes from Croydon train station, i located it easily. Her appearance, body language, and lasciviousness have stunned me straight away. The age is accurate, early 20s, as her skin softness was unbelievable. After a shower we moved to bed and i gave her oral, licking that soft vagina and hearing her moaning and shivering while I stimulated her clit with a tongue and finger her was a huge turn on. She reached the orgasm so quickly and it made my cock even harder, she couldn't resist but grabbed him and gave me one of the best BJs ever. So aroused, i wasn't able to hold but splash massive load in her mouth. 


Quick chinwag, fondling and groping about and my shaft is steady and ready for action again. The coat is on and she is positioned in a mish position with a desirable cock-thirsty face. Pounded her for a while and we changed the position in a CG. It took me a few minutes to reach excitement to the max and i filled the bag. She took off the dom and gently cleaned me up. I dressed up, quick chat, kiss and it was time to say goodbye.  


Conclusion: The best punt ever, finding so young and appaling, yet affordable and eager girl is so rare. I suggest everyone visit her before she raises her rates or move away.. 

It cost me 100 for a half an hour.

If the photos are accurate then im in love. 😂

Great review funky! 


Oh boy she's so cute, and most importantly - the escort near me. Looking forward to seeing her. 

Thanks for the tip mate. 

i travelled from Birmingham to taste that pussy boy  was it good.  Fresh, young enthusiastic lovely little mirror on the wardrobe,  lets you rag her hard too. Great fun. Booking an over night stay with her next weekend getting the viagra and powder all lined up. 

Glad you liked it mate, send her on cloud 9.

Thanks to your review I took the shot with her, she's top notch...


Most definitely going to rebook.

She moved to Canary Wharf not long ago. It was meant to happen, definitely too hot for Croydon, lol. 

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