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im having trouble uploading more photos to my profile. can someone please help me? i uploaded photos when i created my profile and things worked out well. its just this time around they are taking ages to upload. i have tried it a few times but no luck.

@sexdollbecky It may have something to do with your broadband connection. I've seen escorts on EscortRankings uploading and updating their photos regularly. They don't seem to have a problem with that. I think you should try later, maybe in a few days. If it still there, then you might need to talk to support. Oh you can also try uploading a few photos to a different website and see how that goes. Facebook for example. Also check the size of the photos you're trying to upload. They might be too big which can be the reason why it's taking so long.

Sometimes things can take longer than usual if you're uploading high quality photos. I recently did a photo shoot and those photos were very high quality. So they were bigger than the ones I had uploaded before. Be patient, they will go through my dear :)

It can be many things. Sometimes broadband speeds are low. Specially during peak hours. Then like Torri said, it might have something to do with the size and the resolution of those photos.... Dave's idea is great. Try to upload those same photos to a different website and see how that goes... Then you will be able to find out if there's a problem with this website or if it's something else.

I already heard this before and they said that it's because of the website.

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