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Hi all

I am a nervous 22 year old virgin guy looking around London for an escort. I'm looking for someone who is able to put me at ease. I'm likely to want to start slow and probably only do oral or other things that aren't full sex. I might also need some time to simply look, as it would be my first time seeing a woman naked in real life.

As to my preferences, I prefer the natural, "girl next door" look, and I'm looking for someone reasonably near my age.

Any suggestions for suitable escorts would be much appreciated. Thanks. 

She's young and experienced, not bad at all for a beginner...

I have nothing but positives to say about this girl. She's excellent at oral services and offers 30 minute sessions so i think she'll suit you well.

In the end, I met with Sierra


Absolutely delightful, made me feel very at ease and a wonderful experience. Highly recommend. 

Come on quirkafleeg how did it go?

She looks lovley, give her a review, she sound like she deserves one.

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