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Hi gents, im looking for a young escort in Liverpool, preferably under 30 years old and blonde, also BBW are not my cup of tea. Thanks in advance.

Attractive Polish bird, very keen and a lots of services are on offer. Also offers 10 minutes blow and go which is rare these days.

If you're after OW, 69 and similar services, Sensual Tanya will do the job. She's hot and affordable but unfortunately doesn't offer penetration.

Why she posted pics of her twat then. Probably just for licking, it looks very polished to be honest. lol

Does anyone know any blonde or brunette escorts with curly hair in the Liverpool area?

If age is not a deal breaker, go to see Saucy Spicy Kay. She's in her early 60s but looks like an early 40s, incredible escort. She has a place in the Docks area...

I concur. Looks much younger and despite her actual age she doesn't lack enthusiasm and energy, on the contrary, she gets naughty easily and personally i enjoy that eye contact of her during OWO, always gets me going!

Any info about this bird?

Rosie is a young escort, on the expensive side she charges 200 for an hour and extra if you're after CIM or COF. If appearance is an important part for you then she's the one, if you're only after services - you can find cheaper escorts who provide similar if not better services. 


Rosie is gorgeous and horny, got me steel hard in a couple of seconds... 


P.S. CIM is 40 p extra.

That's quite expensive, but if she looks as per photos, maybe she's worth the money. What a lovely pair of coconuts. Those look natural ain't they? 

Can't really decide if they're natural or not, they're looking natural and that's what counts if you ask me. The size and shape are just perfect and they're sagging like natural ones.

Is Poppy still active?

She has perfect reviews on ukpunting, over 50 of them and almost all positive. Her latest was last year (2022) so i don't know what happened to her...

She's active...


I'd like to hit on this one. Has any lad here tapped her before? What were your impressions?

i wouldn't recommend her at all. She has one of the worst attitudes among the escorts i've seen. She's a self important bitch. 

Has anyone fucked this slutty goer yet? Any intel about her?

She's genuine but has inconsistent reviews, and for a girl of her looks it means only one - she gives poor services. 

Also, only 2 reviews for the last two years isn't promising at all. I would skip that one.


Has anyone fucked this slutty goer yet? Any intel about her?

Never heard of her before, but if you're into lookers i suggest Elsa, beautiful body and cute face. Her tits are just outstanding.

She's really proud of her rack in those pics, and that bum isn't bad at all. Wouldn't mind hitting that at all, thanks for the recommendation.

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