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Looking for hot girl to suck me dry . Manchester area 

Filthy Amelia


Young, willing, boundless. Sucks like a pro, offers CIM, facials. She's on fire right now....

Pippa is an exceptional goer, will suck you like a vacuum cleaner turbo 9999


OWO + CIM, she absolutely loves it.

My fellow had a good session with Desi Shasha a few months ago, he was encouraging me for a good month to punt her.



I wouldn't recommend her, last time i visited her she was so absent, disinterested and fatigued. I cut the meeting short and left her place as soon as i came.


There is no better option for OWO than Mollyswedish. She's sexy, obliging, with a lovely personality. Always looks to satisfy the clients needs and i think that's what actually turns her on. 

She's currently on holiday but will start working in january.


Call her mate...



Call her mate...

Im working in Manchester tomorrow. Jackpot she looks cute. 

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