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Hello how are you all?  I am disabled and I NEED either a prositute that can travel, take cash, UPTO £200 OR LESS


OR a female who love sex and will give me everything for free, or  could come to an agreement?? REMEMBER WOMEN ARE NOT SLUTS, MEN LIKE SEX TOO, SO ARE THEY SLUTS AS WELL?


I live in Winchester  Hampshire.  I need some woman 18-40 discreet, very caring, helpful, friendly, no rush, like OWO CIM, being fingering and lick as well as normal. (Prefer shaven women and non smokers please)


In December and regularly in the new year please.   I am nice.


I did put an advert before but no luck, thank you all who tried and helped me.


If you are a woman who like sex, or a friendly prositute, or if you know someone who can help my needs,  PLEASE can you email me [email protected]. Take care Barry thank you.

Scarlet is from Winchester if i'm not mistaken, give it a shot and send her request, she's known as a top notch escort, if she's up for it you'll have time of your life.


This is her profile, send her a message it costs nothing.


Thank you AaronM. For your reply.  I checked her out but she don't do outcall.

EnglishLola offers both, outcalls and disabled clients services. But, unfortunately there is always 'but', her rates are a bit steep. 


She looks like a porn star.

Thank you yes she does look nice, as you said she is expensive ... £400 is abit too much for me.... my budget only go to £200 OR LESS.  Barry

I did little research for you mate. Try calling these girls, they both are known members of the Hampshire escort scene, bad luck.

Looking for indian ladies in n. Wales, any suggestions anybody?? 07503339183. 

Thank you very much my Way - I will look into them.  Take care Barry


I saw this Brazilian abound half a year ago and it was a bad punt. Nice typical latina body, obliging and accommodating, always smiling...

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