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Hi all,


Wondered if anyone has any advice on using the Vivastreet website and whether anyone's heard of, or used the services, of a Brazilian escort called Gabby:


I've tried doing an online search of her and she appears to have been listed on Vivastreet and Secret Hostess at different times under the name Hannah or Gabby and has also been located at different places in the north of England as well as London now, where I'm based.


As the listings seemed quite random for locations and there's a few different contact numbers listed for each ad I was a little dubious if her ads are just scams. Although I'm unsure how I'd be scammed as I'm new to escorts.


If anyone has any knowledge of Vivastreet or Secret Hostess or Gabby/Hannah it would be really helpful to me.



She's got 1 recent review on ukpunting. The meeting occurred in Edinburgh, the guy claims that she looks as per photos, a lovely toned body with huge ass and bolt ons. Doesn't know English, so they communicated via google translate. He got OW and multiple positions, all in all his verdict was highly positive...

Thanks Ted!


I noticed she had Edinburgh listed as her location, that's why I was a bit dubious about her profile being real on the ad I found as it listed her as being in London and calling herself by another name. 


I'm not a member of pointing so thanks for letting me know she's had a legit review.


I did message her through the contact info she had and seems she's located out of a hotel in Canary Wharf at the moment so I assume that she must not have fixed accommodation and that's how she seems to have moved around such a distance. It also sounds like the hotel is quite a stumping ground for escorts.


In regards the hotel, does anyone know if there's usually any extra costs for this type of 'incall' date? I thought maybe they'd expect you pay for the hotel room??


On thhe hotel topic, does anyone also know if picking up an escort at a hotel bar cost more the prebooking? Do they usually charge 'in call' or 'outcall' fees and is better to prebook? I might be lining up a night out with mates soon and thought going to one of these bars might be easier for everyone but not sure if that's gonna be a lot more expensive then prebooking something that's definitely charged at a 'in call' rate.





They usually include the hotel expenses into incall fees so don't worry about it. To make it all clear, ask her and arrange it all beforehand.

Never heard of the escort, just want to inform you pal, give those Vivastreet scammers a wide berth. I was trying to find an escort there a lots of times, 95% percent there are scammers.

Thanks Kingsize!


From what I've read, I think you're right, most Vivastreet posts seem alittle suspicious. Their ads either disappear after a short time or there's problems messaging them. Although a few that I've found seem to have profiles setup on ER or AW and their details and locations seem to match up. I'll probably be very cautious with trying to book anyone on the site either way. 


Thanks for the help.

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