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Has anyone been here and if so what's on offer

Reason I'm asking me and the other half walked past yesterday and there where 2 absolute stunners waiting at the door I nearly broke my neck staring 

They actually have a lots of reviews on review forums, especially on ukpunting. From what i saw, they offer everything but FS, and who knows if you're lucky enough maybe even FS will be on offer.

I'll give it a go.  The girls where gorgeous.  

happy punting, let us know how it went. 

Saw a 10 out of 10 lass. She was sexy short beautiful. Massage was good 100 for b2b and she told me next time I can get more.  Expensive but worth it.  Shot all over her belly and legs I think her name was neesha

Sounds great, i'll give it a shot with them too.

Good luck she's hot as fuck.  

Let us know how you get on. Go late at night she was half passed when I went hahaha

It's a Thai place isn't it? 

Yes it's a basement shop. Legit looking really nice tbh. Girls are sexy as fuck but I asked at the counter for the girl I liked I just pointed at her sitting on the sofa. Take plenty money though they are expensive 

Is 100 for regular massage and B2B or only for B2B? Do they charge an entry fee?

100 extra ask for Nisha or Alicia dirty bitch


100 extra ask for Nisha or Alicia dirty bitch

I see nisha total £120 for the hour . Your right she's naughty, First time I've experienced fucking a lady on message room. Has happy for a finger up her arse while in cowgirl 

There's 2 nisha working there. What tattoos did yours have.  One of them takes anal but extra 50

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