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What do you have, I have:


Spare phone, prepay d just for escort booking, any thought on cheapest.


Deodorant Spray, I will shower but like to arrive fresh


Mouth wash or the final freshening up


Wet wipes ditto


Condoms, to date the escort has always supplied them


Wet wipes and money only, when i'm meeting an escort for the first time. Having too many things with you when seeing someone you don't know is an unnecessary risk. 

I always bring additional pack of condoms, can't rely on escorts as i had to cut short a few sessions due to lack of condoms. 



and chewing gum 

Is it safe to mix viagra and alcohol? 


Is it safe to mix viagra and alcohol? 

probably not, I also go bareback whenever they let me . Looking back at it, Not the greatest of cocktails. 

Am available 

Ok darling, where are you based? 

Coming to Manchester from canada on August 28th any recommendations for someone to spend time with or an agency .....thanks all


Also, here is a topic about Manchester independent escorts, you can throw an eye on this...

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