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I don't understand why everyone is popping up on my screen with really inappropriate advertisements and schemes each time I'm registering myself online or booking a pussy  appointment for myself lol. These ads are filling my screen each time and I have to keep crossing them. But every time I click an option it opens up so many tabs in my phone that I accidentally end up shutting the registration and payment one. Please tell me how to get an ad-free page for booking escorts here.

Open your web browser, you will see a TOOLS menu, tap on that, a drop-down menu shall appear. Next, click on the ‘internet option’ and then tap on the PRIVACY option. Here you will find a POP-UP BLOCKER option, tick the side checker. Turn on the POP-UP BLOCKER option and then go to settings. Click the filter level high. You are good to go. Thank me later, bud!

Can’t you just ignore these ads? How does it even matter, they pop up every now and then but still don’t bother me lol

Often, a website will have pop-ups that show full nudity or partial nudity, and many times, you will find out that on the other end of the pop-up is a virus or some other form of malicious software that will infect your computer or laptop and cause more pop-ups to appear or destroy your system completely. After all, what do you expect from porn or escort sites lmao? To avoid pop-ups, you will have to manually adjust the Pop-up Blocker on your Web browser's Internet options.

These ads are based on your searches- so sorry to burst your bubble. Embarrasing enough?

Subscribe a paid VPN that will block these ads or just close your browser and start a new fresh page! Easy peasy

Do you try to reload the page?

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